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michelle schiller

I have been taking pictures for over 30 years now. I started out as a watercolor painter and began taking pictures for material to paint. My first camera was a Kodak 126 film camera which I took to England and Scotland as my first real "photo assignment" as I called them back then. Oh, how I dreamed of working for National Geographic. I graduated to 35 MM using Dad's old (and heavy) Yashica when we moved to Saudi Arabia back in 1979. I studied black and white developing and learned composition. I received my own 35 mm camera on my 13th birthday! An Olympus OM2 and the lenses and filters followed. Second "Photo Assignment" Thailand. After moving to Arizona I discovered the "Polarizer" and it changed my photography. I love the deep dark skies contrast to the desert. Around 2006 I moved over to digital, I must say it was difficult to give up the film. The Olympus Evolt 300 opened new doors into photography. I am on my second Olympus (620) and have discovered the world of HDR and something unexpected - wedding photography.

And I make jewelry too.
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